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About Dehradun Escorts Here are some tips you can use anytime that you probably haven’t tried – and they’ll make your man in need of sex!

Give him an unprepared hand-job – From Behind

Foreplay is an immense excitement for a guy, but give him a different view by sliding your hands up his pants while standing behind him to give him a hand-job. He won’t be able to see you, but he will be able to feel and see your hands when he looks down. Pat him, tease him, make him go crazy for you. If you both are shirtless so he can feel your breasts on his back. Dehradun Call girls service

Surprise Him

Guys love to see nudity anytime and anywhere. Surprise him before he goes to work (or when he gets home, or in the car, or at dinner… you see the picture) by showing him your breasts or even your butt. Do it quickly when you least expect it, then just go about your business as if nothing happened. He’ll think about it all day, or at least until he can’t take it anymore and rips your clothes!

Wine or choice of drinks to get the mood the right.

As men always go with a beer and women with a glass of wine, but you never know the exact choice one prefers so taking the time to know the choice and get the choice of drink. Get started with the drink, staring at each other while cheering up. Give a sexy look to the opposite one to turn the mood on. Some lust and some sex with fun go well with the choice of drink one prefers.

The Shower makes more romantic

Start with the freshness Shower together. Shower with your partner excites the mood get some hand job, blow job, and some sexy moves together. Soft hands rolling over each other the best way to seduce each other. Shower sex goes on wonderful. Have fun

Red Lipstick on the moods

Red Lipstick goes well with all kinds of sexy moods and as well as your all types of dress.  The next time you’re ready to go, don’t go for nude shades of lipstick. Instead, grab a stick of hot Sexy red lipstick. Keep your eye makeup low so you don’t look overdone, as your red sexy lips gonna grab the all attention you want. Smile big and watch your man’s eyes never look away from your Face.


Sexting is a great tool for foreplay, but a lot of women think guys won’t really get away with it. However, men equally like as much as women like- but you might want to be a little more explicit when it’s for a man. Men will not appreciate a text that describes “low desire” or “burning lust”. He’ll want to know more about the details. Send each other a racy text while the two of you are having a busy, hectic day, telling her you can’t meet you. Don’t be shy – Do plan a good time with Call girls Dehradun Escorts with each other.

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